BREAKING: Dozen killed in Brazilian bar mass shooting

BREAKING: Dozen killed in Brazilian bar mass shooting

Heavily armed gang killed at least eleven on Sunday afternoon roaring into and opening fire at a bar in Belem city in Brazil’s northern Para state. The attackers arrived on one motorcycle and in three cars.

The massacre was confirmed by Para state spokeswoman Natalia Mello without giving much detail.

It is learned police managed injuring one of the attackers and took him into custody. Others are still at large. Police is investigating the massacre.

The targeted bar is in a high crime area of the country.

Earlier this year in March federal government deployed National Guard troops for 90 days to the city to reinforce security.

In 2017 64,000 cases of homicides were reported and most of those were due to firearms. Most of the violence in the country are gang related.

Earlier this year gangs attacked across Fortaleza and the city came to standstill with shut down of taxis, buses and commerce.

One of the main promises of President Jair Bolsonaro during his election campaigns was to loosen strict gun laws to upstand citizens as criminals are well armed with illegally obtained guns.

Paul Linus