Venezuelan army rationing gasoline amid extreme shortage

Venezuelan army oversaw gasoline rationing Sunday at service stations in several parts of the country amid extreme shortages of fuel and drivers angered waiting hours to fill their tanks.

Prolong political crisis has worsened the economic recession in Venezuela and tough US sanctions added fuel to fire. The second largest refinery was shut down on Wednesday and crude oil exports and imports of refined fuels were slashed down.

Fuel shortages have become periodic occurrence in the Latin America country and in recent days long lines of drivers have been seen at gas stations in the western and southern border states of Tachira, Zulia and Bolivar. The halt of drivers was more than five years in average.

A resident in port city Puerto Cabello said, “This is an outrage… It cannot be that this is an oil producing country and we going through this.”

Another said, “This is chaotic. Every day here is chaotic and now we have a problem with gasoline… I don’t know what will happen here but there has to be a change.”

The second largest refinery was shut down Wednesday and crude oil exports and imports of refined fuels were slashed down.

A source said OPEC nation has not imported a gasoline cargo for about past two months. More to this, the 310,000 bpd Cardon oil refinery shut operation on Wednesday due to damage at some of the units. Prior to the halting, it was operating below capacity. With this only two refineries are currently in operation in Venezuela.

Meanwhile, no oil shortage is seen in the capital city Caracas. President Nicolas Maduro prioritized services here and it is learned tankers were diverted from other parts of Venezuela.

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