Exit polls predict another term for Modi, counting begins May 23

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi might be headed for another term in office with nearly all exit polls projecting a clear majority for the ruling alliance. Voting for the seventh and last phase came to an end today, with counting to begin on May 23rd.

Analysts though have stated exit polls aren’t always true and there might still be surprises ahead. The opposition parties too have labelled the exit poll results as mere gimmicks. Some are also claiming the ruling BJP might manipulate the electronic voting machines to sway the results in their favor.

However, the EC had earlier stated none of that is possible as the EVMs are a secured lot that can’t be manipulated easily. Plus, they are kept under tight security, which makes it practically impossible for just about anybody to have physical access to the EVMs to manipulate those, if at all its possible.

Modi came to power in 2014 on the back of a landslide victory that saw the party itself attaining simple majority. However, things could be slightly different this time round as the party might win the most number of seats but still fall short of the magic figure of 272 seats.

If that be the case, Modi will have to be more accommodative of the alliance parties than it has been so far. Analysts will also be keenly watching the number of seats Congress wins on its own. Its seat tally was reduced to 44 in 2014, the lowest it has ever been.

In the end, what must be said is that the above is based on exit poll results and the reality might be completely different. Its only on 23rd that we are going to have the complete picture.

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