US should observe principles of mutual respect: China

Following ban on Huawei products China commented Friday United States must show sincerity if meaningful trade talks are being looked for.

The two nations have been locked in an increasingly acrimonious trade dispute lately and currency of China has slid to its weakest in about five months.

Trump administration blacklisted Friday Huawei and 67 of its affiliates scattered across 26 countries Friday with immediate effect to curtail access of the technology company’s US suppliers.

China said US need to observe principles of mutual respect and benefit, and to keep words without any elaboration.

Foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said the country always encouraged to get into dialogues to resolve disputes but henceforth there would be no more trade talks with the US.

Kang added, “But because of certain things the U.S. side has done during the previous China-U.S. trade consultations, we believe if there is meaning for these talks, there must be a show of sincerity.”

A Chinese government official said the country would prepare for a longer-term trade war with the US as it is an important live-or-die moment.

He added, “In the short term, the trade situation between China and the United States will be severe, and there will be challenges. Neither will it be smooth in the long run. This will spur China to make adequate preparations in the long term.”

Paul Linus