Saudi newspaper suggests US should launch surgical strike on Iran

Should United States launch surgical strikes on Iran. If follow a state-aligned Saudi newspaper on Thursday the move is appropriate after blame of Riyadh that Yemeni rebels attacked its oil pipeline through drone.

The Arab News published an editorial arguing the next logical step should be surgical strikes as airstrikes in Syria set a precedent following the Assad regime used chemical weapons against civilians, as being suspected.

The editorial in English said, “Riyadh has constantly warned world leaders of the dangers that Iran poses, not only to Saudi Arabia and the region, but also to the entire world.”

The article continued that recent attacks on tankers and pipelines were focused on subverting world economy as oil is the lifeline of today’s world of commerce and Tehran should not be allowed to threaten global stability.

Meanwhile, Iranian Mission to the UN spokesman said Iran poses no threat and also do not intend to attack US assets.

Earlier this week former national security spokesperson Michael Anton said Trump is not in favor of war with Iran and as an abundance of caution exercise the State Department has ordered non-emergency personnel at the US Embassy and consulate in Iraq to leave the country.

Trump too denied then any incongruity in approach to Iran and added in a tweet that other options are expressed.

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Paul Linus