Nancy Pelosi Gets A Block To Become Speaker

Nancy Pelosi has been trying to get selected as the House speaker which has got a little complicated as there are seventeen Democrats who are opposing this by saying they won’t, by signing a letter. If this continues, the California Democrat will not be able to get selected as the speaker. Nancy Pelosi is trying to get caucus nomination which is possible only if she gets the House Democrats majority.

There is still no opposition candidate to compete against Nancy Pelosi from Democratic side, but it is expected very soon as per reports. At present, Democrats have a majority of 232 seats at the House and in case these 17 Democrats who have signed to vote against her succeed, Pelosi will not be able to get the speaker post. The newly elected seats have also been approached by the Democrats against Nancy Pelosi and to vote against her even though it has not been officially announced.


One thought on “Nancy Pelosi Gets A Block To Become Speaker

  1. blank

    12 or 13 of those who signed were men and she pulled the sexist card. HOW DARE SHE! Newly elected is the key word here. She needs to go and allow new young faces to come on board.

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