US orders withdrawal of non-emergency staff from Iraq as tensions with Iran rises

Tensions in the Middle East continue to rise with the US now ordering all its non-emergency staff in Iraq to leave the country immediately. The US said the latest move is based on fresh intelligence inputs that claim Iran to continue maintaining a hostile posture that can pose a threat to US forces posted in Iraq.

America however hasn’t stated officially what actions on part of Iran made them to up its ante in the region. Earlier during a visit to Iraq, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is believed to have told US forces there that intelligence reports point to Iranian paramilitary forces having positioned rockets aimed at US military bases in Iraq.

Iraq’s Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi however refuted the above claim and said none of its security officers have detected any such deployment that can pose a threat to any side. Paramilitary forces armed and trained by Iran has been deployed in Iraq to fight the IS.

It is these forces that America claims can be a grave threat to the security of its troops in Iraq. The Iran backed paramilitary has also been absorbed in the Iraqi army but continue to take orders from Iran. In another development, Dutch and German army has stopped their program of training the Iraqi military right away.

Meanwhile, the recent attacks on four oil tankers off UAE is being blamed on groups backed by Iran even though no direct evidence to back the claim has been found so far. The US continues to position B52 bombers and an aircraft carrier group in the region as a possible countermeasure to any Iranian aggression.

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