US, UAE launches investigation into oil attacks

An investigation has been launched into the sabotage attacks off UAE’s coast into the Fujairah amid no terror group claimed responsibility.

According to UAE minister of state for foreign affairs, Anwar Gargash, the Fujairah incidents are deliberate sabotage.

Saudi Arabia energy minister al-Falih said the attacks targeted undermining freedom of maritime navigation.

Meanwhile, US officials, who goes unnamed in a Reuters report, identifies Iran, without any evidence, as a prime suspect of the sabotage attacks on Sunday that damaged four ships – two Saudi, one Emirati and one Norwegian.

Iran on its part said the oil attacks have been orchestrated to spark conflict.

Lately US and Iran are undergoing heightened tensions and Washington has deployed aircraft carriers, Patriot missile batter and bombers to the Middle East.

With all the possible maximum pressure campaign to trigger economic crisis on Iran the Trump administration failed to reach an agreement with Tehran over limits on nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief.

Iran on its part said the oil attacks have been orchestrated to spark conflict.

A top commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corp said if US makes a move against them with the deployed war force and missiles, Tehran will hit back.

A further development at US reveals about 120,000 troops are to be deployed in the Middle East to resist Iran’s attack of if the country develops a nuclear weapon.

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