US takes action against protesters at Venezuelan Embassy in Washington

Protesters in front of Venezuelan Embassy in Washington are being removed as legal authority over it is for the officials of opposition leader Juan Guaido as United States recognizes him as legitimate leader of the country.

The State Department said the officials of Nicolas Maduro are not allowed.

Maduro is the president of Venezuela while Guaido self-declared himself the head of state earlier this year in January.

The department urged “remaining unauthorized individuals to vacate the building and to conduct any future protest peacefully and through legal means.”

Guaido has declared Carlos Veccino as the Venezuelan ambassador to the US and this is one mroe reason the State Department official reiterated its position against Maduro government.

State spokesperson said it was the request of Vecchio that action was taken against the protesters along with the unauthorized occupants, who had been informed by law enforcement about they are trespassing on the embassy property.

The spokesperson added, “Until the trespassers are gone, no individuals will be permitted to enter the embassy.”

Law enforcement was seen Monday evening at the embassy.

Late last week Guaido asked his representative in the US to arrange direct communication with the US military.

He said at a rally that Carlos Vecchio has been asked to arrange a direct communication with the US military for smoother coordination.

Paul Linus