Former Defense Secretary Gates Says North Korea Will Not Completely Denuclearize

Robert Gates, former Defense Secretary said that he believes North Korea will not give up all of its nuclear weapons. He also said that President Donald Trump was correct in walking away from the deal with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in February.

Gates who has served as Defense Secretary under President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama, said that North Koreans believe that some modest nuclear capabilities are essential to their national survival.

“I believe that North Koreans will never completely denuclearize,” Gates said. He also added that the Trump administration is “unrealistic in believing that they can get complete denuclearization.”

President Trump and Kim had met in February, but it failed to materialize and ended early. Trump said that North Korea was not ready to wind down its nuclear weapons. Gates believes that President Trump made the right call.

Even after 25 years of failed negotiations, President Trump made the outreach to North Korea. “I thought it was a bold stroke,” Gates said. “The outreach was a bold thing to do.”

Sukanta Jana