Flights to be used in transporting migrants on US-Mexico border

Detained migrants would be relocated to detention facilities through flights now considering high rise in the number of people detained at the US-Mexico border.

According to a report published in The Washington Post the Customs and Border Protection has taken such rare decision to carry migrants from one location to another by plane as the detention facilities are overcrowded.

It is learned flights would be scheduled on daily basis in coming week and on Tuesday there will be two such take-off.

Earlier too planes were used to transport migrants to various detention facilities but this seems to be first time to be reported.

A Border Patrol veteran said, “This is the worst I have ever seen it, by far.”

About 100,000 migrants were apprehended in the month of April this year for illegal border crossings.

Department of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan said, “For the first time in over a decade, CBP is performing direct releases of migrants when [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] is unable to provide bed space to relieve overcrowding.”

Meanwhile, court said earlier this week that Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico‘ program will continue even though a final decision on a lawsuit is pending to eliminate it entirely.

Paul Linus