BREAKING: Catholic church in Burkina Faso attacked; 6 killed

BREAKING: Catholic church in Burkina Faso attacked; 6 killed

Several gunmen opened fire inside a Catholic church in northern Burkina Faso on Sunday morning at around 9 a.m. local time killing six worshipers including the priest. The assault is second on Christians in past two weeks.

After shooting the attackers, about twenty in number, burned the church located in northern town of Dablo, looted a pharmacy and couple of other stores, and left in vehicles.

Jihadist groups linked to al Qaeda and Islamic State have increased lately in the country that is historically known for religious tolerance.

Last December the Barkina Faso government declared a state of emergency in provinces bordering neighboring Mali because of deadly Islamist attacks and from where the terrorist groups were violently attempting to extend influence.

More than half of the Burkina Faso population is Muslim and a quarter Christian. Both the religious groups live in peace and frequently intermarry in the country.

In late April this year gunmen entered a Protestant church in town of Silgadji near Djibo and killed six including the priest.

It was the first church attack in the region.

Paul Linus