Toys, smartphones, drones to be hit by new tariffs in US market

With the new sanctions imposed on Chinese goods several products in the United States market will become expensive and the list includes iPhones, Nikes, L.O.L. and Surprise dolls.

Amid such price rise President Trump has threatened further expansion of tariffs on Chinese imports to more $325 billion in goods which were left out of list last year.

The new tariffs started on Friday and import duties have increased from 10 percent to 25 percent while trade negotiations with China are under process.

The tariffs would hit 100 percent of toys and sports equipment coming from Chinese manufacturers. About 93 percent of footwear will suffer high price and 91 percent of Chinese textiles and clothing to become expensive in US stores.

About 75 percent of toys sold in US come from China and the major brands which will be suffered include L.O.L. and Surprise dolls.

Toy Association President Stephen Pasierb said, “We’re in a low-margin, price sensitive business. If the price goes up by 25 percent on a $10 toy, people aren’t going to buy them.”

Smartphones, Bluetooth wireless headsets, fitness trackers, televisions, drones and several other consumer electronics would also be hit by the new tariffs.

However, many policy analysts believe the tariffs are just a bargaining tactic of Trump administration and not a sign of breakdown.

Paul Linus