Venezuelan opposition leader seeking direct communication with US military

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido is seeking to have direct communication with the United States military and he asked Saturday his representative in the U.S. to arrange for such system.

Guaido, who claims to be legitimate leader of Venezuela and has been demonstrating since January throw out of office President Nicolas Maduro, said at a rally that Carlos Vecchio has been asked to arrange a direct communication with the US military for smoother coordination.

US recognizes Guaido as the president of Venezuela and Vecchio as Venezuela’s ambassador in its country. More than fifty countries are supporting the opposition in the fight to make Maduro step down.

Guaido unsuccessfully urged last week the military of Venezuela to oust Maduro.

Meanwhile, White House has not revealed whether its military force could be used in Venezuela. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Saturday a “full range of options” are open to the country and this includes military too.

Earlier this week the Maduro government detained vice president of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, Edgar Zambrano, by towing his vehicle along with him inside.

According to a Zambrano tweet a unit from the SEBIN intelligence surrounded his vehicle at around 6.40 pm local time outside the headquarters of his Democratic Action party in Caracas.

Paul Linus