Famous Woman Politician Angela Merkel How Long Will She Continue

Are rumors of Angela Merkel true about her upcoming departure? She would be leaving quite a long line of success behind her.

She made the announcement saying her fourth term is her last. And she is not eyeing any other political position.

Angela Merkel, a famous politician from Germany has been active since 2005. She is also known to be one of the powerful women across the globe. In federal election during 2005, Merkel was the first chancellor as a woman in Germany to head the grand coalition including CDU. She was able to win with a great margin during the federal election in 2013. She was chosen as Chancellor Helmut Kohl as part of Minister for Women. Another important part in her career was promoting as the Minister for Environment & Nuclear Safety that created a huge visibility for her political career.

Angela Merkel has won a number of honors at both national and international levels. She has also received honorary degrees and awards at various universities all over the world. Merkel is also known to be the most popular women leaders even though she has received wide criticism for few reasons like during M100 Media Award.