Joe Biden Emerges As The Clear Front-Runner For The 2020 Elections

Joe Biden announced his official entrance into the 2020 race on April 25, 2019. Since then he has been flawless in executing and solidifying his status as the front-runner. In just a few weeks, he is being termed as the person who is leading the Democrats race of probable candidates.

Joe Biden seems to be popular nationally and in key early states when compared to the other Democratic candidates. He has been targeted by rivals on issues such as NAFTA and his vote in support of the war in Iraq.

President Trump, who seems to be scared of Biden’s popularity, had blasted a series of tweets and retweets when Joe Biden had announced his intentions.

Nevertheless, the real task is still not over yet. Things can change rapidly in politics and we will have to wait and see if Joe Biden would be the next US President after the 2020 polls.

Sukanta Jana