Top Russian Politician Vladimir Putin Re elected 2018

Vladimir Putin has been active politician of Russia and he was serving as the President of Russia from 2012. During its presidential terms, Putin was also serving as Russian Prime Minister. During presidential election in 2018, he had won above 76% of vote to start his 4th term and at the same time Putin had called Dmitry Medvedev for forming the government.

Vladimir Putin has played a vital role in the development of Russian industrial sector as well as other areas. He was also named Time Person of the Year in 2007 and he was at the top in Time’s Most Influential People List in the year 2015. There also catch-phrases that have been said by Putin which are called as Putinisms. He is also uses sharp language which is widely recognizable. Vladimir Putin is known to be part of Russian Orthodox Church just like his mother and at the same time he also promotes various number of sports.