China Broke The Deal In Trade Talks Says Trump

US President Donald Trump said that China broke the deal that the two countries had reached with respect to trade talks. He reiterated that he will not back down and that Beijing will have to pay the price for breaking the deal.

The way forward for US would be to impose new tariffs on Chinese imports and according to sources this could be implemented in a day or two. The present tariff on Chine imports is 10% and this could rise to 25% hurting the trade between the two countries.

This new development has come at a time when the Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and Trump’s top trade officials are slated to meet this Friday.

“I just announced that we’ll increase tariffs on China and we won’t back down until China stops cheating our workers and stealing our jobs, and that’s what’s going to happen, otherwise we don’t have to do business with them,” Mr Trump told a cheering crowd of supporters at a rally in Florida.

Sukanta Jana