New Sanctions Imposed On Iran By US

The US has slapped new sanctions on Iran targeting export revenues that Iran makes from its industrial metal sector. This new sanction ordered by President Donald Trump is another step in tightening the noose around Tehran to ensure that it revamps its policies.

The tensions between US and Iran have been high and this announcement made by Donald Trump on the anniversary of the unilateral withdrawal of US from the 2015 landmark deal is bound to heighten the tension. Last weekend, the Trump administration had said that they are deploying bombers and a carrier strike group to the Middle East due to troubling warnings and indications from Iran.

Before President Trump announced the new sanction, a senior White House official had said that Washington is looking to impose more economic curbs on Iran and had asked Europe to refrain from doing any business with Iran.

President Trump said that Tehran can expect more economic sanctions unless it drastically changes its fundamental views.

Sukanta Jana