North Korea goes for another missile test, launches two short-range missiles

North Korea went in for another round of missile tests which is being seen as an attempt to pile pressure on the US into submitting to its demand. North Korea has been pressing for relaxation of sanctions while the US said that would only come after Pyongyang makes genuine efforts at containing its nuclear program.

In the latest tests conducted at around 16:30 local time, the second such tests in less than a week,  the missile reached an altitude of about 50 kms before plunging into the sea. One of the missiles traveled a distance of 420 km while another was of shorter range of 270 km. The missiles were fired from Kusong, some 160 kms north-west of Pyongyang.

Also, the tests were carried out even as a senior US envoy is in the country to discuss ways to restart the stalled nuclear talks. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had earlier met with US President Donald Trump, the last time on February.

However, talks between the two came to a none over differences in opinions. While Kim insisted on sanctions waivers, Trump said any of it will have to be linked towards concrete measure to roll back the nuclear program. Kim meanwhile also warned of complete reversal of its commitments made in the several rounds of talks held so far.

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