South Africans voted, results awaited. Mandela’s ANC to retain power?

Ballots in South African are being counted and elections result is expected in coming days. The country voted Wednesday and is being seen as a referendum on Mandela’s party that governed for about 25 years.

The voters turnout in townships was low compared to 1994’s elections, the first nonracial elections when apartheid ended in the country.

Nelson Mandela then was sworn in as the first democratically elected president of South Africa. He was also the first black for the office.

In 2019 his African National Congress party is expected to secure another term with majority but it is yet to be seen when the result is announced in few days.

In recent years the reputation of ANC has deteriorated due to corruption, scandals and accusations. It failed to deliver what was promised and inequality remains of the main issues in South Africa. The party just has stories of liberation movement and how it brought freedom in the country.

Last year former president Jacob Zuma resigned amid allegations of graft. His deputy Cyril Ramaphosa succeeded, who was also original chosen successor by Mandela. He promised to continue to improve lives of people in South Africa.

In one of his campaigns he publicly apologized for the mistakes that his party made.

He said, “We admit that we have made mistakes and we put ourselves before our people and say yes — we have made mistakes, but it is only those who are doing nothing who don’t make mistakes.”

Paul Linus