Taliban attacks Counterpart International building; 9 killed

The Taliban attacked 10th police district in Afghani city Kabul on Wednesday at around 11:40 a.m. local time killing at least five and injuring 24 others.

It is learned the armed militants initially detonated a car packed with explosions near office of Counterpart International.

According to Ministry of Interior four civilians and a policeman was killed in the attack. Security forces managed rescuing around 200 workers of the organization.

Authorities also said all the five attackers were killed while security forces exchanged gunfire with them in the NGO building.

A tweet from Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior Affairs spokesman Nasrat Rahimi read, “Two floors of the building have been cleared and to avoid civilian casualties, the operation is being undertaken with caution.”

Meanwhile, sixth round of talks between Taliban and United States are in process in Qatar and it is hoped to bring the 18-year war to an end.

Last week a ceasefire agreement proposal by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was turned down by the Taliban.

The Counterpart International is running civic engagement projects since 2005. It supports women and other marginalized groups too.

The Taliban was thrown out from power in Afghanistan in 2001.

Last Monday an attack on a police headquarters in PUl-e-Khumri city of Afghanistan killed 13 people.

Paul Linus