Iran announces partial withdrawal from 2015 nuclear deal

Iran has said it will stop adhering to some of the clauses of the nuclear deal it had agreed to back in 2015. The landmark deal was the outcome of extensive negotiations that lasted about 2 years on part of the Obama government and was also being considered a huge achievement of the erstwhile administration.

Among the other signatories in the deal include Germany, Russia, China, France and the UK. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said it has informed the other countries of its decision to withdraw from the deal. The President also said it is providing the other signatory countries a 60-day window to sort things out so far as the US sanctions are concerned, failing which the country would announce complete withdrawal from the deal.

Iran is also accusing the US of playing foul and withdrawing from the commitments made by the previous Obama government. Trump, on assuming office had labelled the deal to be largely a mistake before withdrawing from it unilaterally, besides also re-imposing the sanctions on Iran that largely alienates its economy from the rest of the world.

More recently, the US has also started to adopt a more hardened posture by sending its carrier strike group and bombers in the region. While that is being justified to be in response to provocative actions of Iran, it isn’t exactly clear what those actions are.

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