The American Politician Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has been an active politician of United States of America from the year 2007. He is Independent who has been longest-serving at the congressional history and was also the first person to get elected at the U.S Senate. Bernie Sanders was born to Jewish parents and was brought up in Flatbush. Sanders was also able to defeat Rich Tarrant, a businessman with a margin of 2:1 which is considered to be the expensive campaign in political history. He represented the congressional district of Vermont in House of Representatives and served there for about 16 years. Then he got elected to U.S. Senate during the year 2006 and elected again in 2018 with 67% vote. At the presidential campaign in the year 2016, Bernie Sanders was looking to get the nomination at Democratic Party as President of the United States and he was one of the main person to support Clinton during the campaign at general election against Donald Trump.