United States deploy warships in Middle East as a warning to Iran

The United States has deployed an aircraft carrier and bomber task force in the Middle East in what is being seen as a clear sign of growing animosity between Iran and America. John Bolton, US national security advisor justified the move claiming this is only in response to escalatory actions undertaken by Iran.

Bolton however didn’t specify the sort of action undertaken by Iran that led them to deploy its frontline warships in the region. Bolton also said the deployment should only be seen as a retaliatory move and is not aimed at engaging with Iran militarily.

That said, the security advisor also issued a strong message saying they won’t shy away from giving a befitting reply to any misadventure on part of Iran. The United States had earlier branded the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organisation while Iran considers it to be a branch of its military.

The US had also recently stopped providing exemptions to five countries – India, China, Japan, South Korea and Turkey – who had been buying Iranian oil. Iran has already been reeling under sanctions and the withdrawal of exemption to countries buying oil from Tehran is being seen as another move to squeeze the country’s economy.

Meanwhile, the USS Abraham Lincoln along with its entire battle group that has been posted in the high seas along Iran has already been in Europe where it was engaged in wargames with a few of US allies.

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