Moscow does not want anyone messing around Venezuela: Russian Foreign Minister

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov urged United States not to proceed with irresponsible plans to oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

He condemned the US campaign to overthrow Maduro at the start of his meeting with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza in Moscow.

He will be visiting Finland Monday and expected to meet US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Lavrov said, “Attempts to stage a violent upheaval in Caracas have nothing to do with democratic process, and only disrupt any prospects of political settlement.”

As a strict warning to US he said Russia does not want anyone messing around with Venezuela.

Late last week US had a telephonic talk with Russian president Vladimir Putin and it is learned Moscow would not involve in Venezuela but is seeking to see something positive happens in the country.

Meanwhile, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido held several anti-Maduro protests in the capital city Caracas to maintain the pressure on him to step down.

One of the protesters however stated a different tone saying, “[It feels like] we may be approaching an end … but [also] that we’re only pawns in a larger game where superpowers, or former superpowers, or superpower wannabes will decide when and how this ends.”

Paul Linus