Nuclear Deal Will Happen, Insists Trump After North Korea Fires Projectiles

Donald Trump still believes that the Nuclear deal between the US and North Korea will happen even though North Korea recently fir several unidentified short range projectiles into the sea. Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday that he believes Kim Jong-un fully realizes the great economic potential of the Nuclear Deal and therefore he will not do anything to interfere or end it.

A diplomatic summit between Kim and Trump broke down earlier this year as no decision could be taken about North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. North Korea is pushing for widespread sanctions relief for disarmament, which US had rejected citing it insufficient.

On Saturday, South Korea had reported that North Korea has fired a single missile. Hours later, it revised the statement saying that several projectiles were launched and the projectiles flew up to 200km or 125 miles before they splashed into the sea.

Many experts believe that this exercise was North Korea’s way to apply pressure on the US to agree to the reduction of international sanctions on North Korea.

Sukanta Jana