President Trump Has A Long Phone Call With Putin After Mueller’s Report

Ever since special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russia’s extensive meddling during the 2016 election campaign was disclosed, President Trump has been hailing the lack of evidence of a conspiracy as a political win. President Trump also had an hour-long telephonic conversation with Russian President Putin and tweeted that he and Putin had discussed about the ‘Russian Hoax’ and other issues.

Mueller’s report concluded that the interference of Russia on the 2016 presidential elections were sweeping and systematic. The report also mentioned the extensive efforts taken by Russia to interfere in the Presidential election including the 25 Russians who were indicted for that effort.

Even though Mueller’s investigators were not able to find any criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, they found multiple contacts between the two. According to the report, the Russian government perceived that it would be beneficial for them if Donald Trump was the President and therefore interfered with the elections.

Sukanta Jana