Conservative media tags Brenda Snipes as arrogant bungler after her resignation

It is clearly not understood whether to applaud or criticize the resignation of Broward County, Florida, elections supervisor Brenda Snipes, who oversaw multiple midterm elections in her career of 15 years on the chair.

Brenda Snipes

Snipes submitted her resignation letter on Monday to step down from January 4 and conservative media has started criticizing calling her arrogant bungler while Republicans are worried the ballot recount could limit their seat to just one.

She was appointed as elections supervisor in 2003 and since then has oversaw elections with thousands of lost ballots which sometimes resulted with flurry of lawsuits. The current midterm election was pregnant with chaos too.

In the middle of the chaos she refused to respond to questions or records requests from both Canova as well as a documentary filmmaker who is trying to film a story on election transparency.

In one incident, which resulted with a lawsuit filing in 2016, she is learned to have illegally ordered destruction of 688 boxes of ballots. Canova came to know about it only from a hearing.

Later Snipes said the destruction was not intentional, but was a mistake.

In an interview late last year Canova said incidents like ballots destruction means people will lose faith in the system.

Earlier this year a court judge said destruction was an illegal act.

Paul Linus