Everest Cleaning Campaign aims to retrieve 10mt of garbage from Mount Everest

A massive Everest Cleaning Campaign is currently underway, which, as the name suggests, aims to strip the world’s tallest mountain from the dubious distinction of also being the world’s tallest garbage dump. The campaign run by a 14-member team has also set itself an ambitious target, of recovering 10 metric tons of waste within 45 days.

And the start has been impressive so far, it must be said, given that 3 metric tons of garbage has already been retrieved and brought down within 10 days itself. Also, it’s a herculean task given that tons of garbage has been accumulating in the snowy peaks even since attempts to scale the peak started almost a century ago.

Also, it isn’t just garbage comprising of empty cans and bottles, plastic materials or camping gear that the team is having to deal with, there is also the issues of human waste that too needs to be recovered. What’s more, there also are scores of dead bodies that also lies strewn in the icy heights, with the team already having located four of them. There are an estimated 200 bodies that lies buried in the snow on the mountain.

Off late, there have been several efforts to prevent visitors and climbers from polluting the already fragile environment of Mount Everest. Not only are the climbers encouraged to bring back garbage in addition to their own stuff, environment friendly means to dispose of human wastes are also being introduced.

As such, it remains to be seen how soon, or if at all, we can ever restore the environment in and around Mount Everest anywhere near to what it was when man first set its foot on the mountain.

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