Situation At Venezuela Worsens As More Clashes Are Reported

The political situation in Venezuela is in chaos as the fight between the opposition leader Juan Guaido and the Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro became into a battle between Guaido’s supporters and the troops loyal to Maduro. The political tension has been flaring up for a few days and it resulted in protesters supporting Guaido to hit the streets of Venezuela preparing for a general strike.

Guaido had asked for a widespread military uprising, but the troops rejected this call and were seen dispersing the crowds with tear gas. The political situation in Venezuela is volatile and there have been many reports of clashed between the protestors and security personnel. Security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets as the protestors attacked them with rocks. The number of protestors injured in the clashes continues to rise and if the situation prevails, the numbers will only get bigger.

President Maduro has lashed out at the Trump administration saying that it is spreding lies about Cabinet members who are planning to break ranks and move over to the opposition.

Sukanta Jana