Fiona Onasanya To Face By-Election As Her Recall Petition Secures Required Numbers

Independent MP, Fiona Onasanya will have to face a by-election as a recall petition has secured signatures of 19,260 people in Peterborough constituency. Fiona was in the news after she was jailed for 3 months for lying to the police about who was driving the car when it was caught speeding in July 2017.

The 35 year old lawmaker has served 28 days of her three month prison sentence and was expelled from the Labour Party after her conviction. However, this did not mean an automatic removal as MP because the sentence was less than 12 months.

Following these developments a recall petition was opened on 19th March and had to get 10% votes to force a new poll. The petition closed on May 1, and at the end, the petition received 19,261 signatures which equates to 27.64% of eligible voters. This paves way for a new poll, as the Peterborough parliament seat is now vacant. While Fiona can stand for re-election, her chances of getting re-elected may be considerable less when compared to June 2017.

Sukanta Jana