Chinese officials using app to keep tab on Uyghur Muslims as crackdown continues

New information has emerged on the means employed by China to keep a tab on its restive Uyghur province as well as its largely Muslim population. And it’s a splendid display of how technology can aid in the process apart from human monitoring of families whom are being considered suspects by the authorities.

As per reports, the Chinese authorities are relying on an app for collecting information on the Muslim residents. The app enables the officials to collect people specific information by linking the national identity card number with biometric data.

So extensive is the coverage pattern of the app that it will also record if the person is into something unusual, such as using the backdoor more frequently, buying too much gasoline or living a solitary life. All of the info thus collected is processed at Integrated Joint Operations Platform to determine pattern of irregularities over a larger cross section.

The people have cried foul of these measures and allege this provides the authorities with data in their crackdown efforts on the Muslim population. There already are allegation of about 2 million Uyghurs having been imprisoned at massive detection centres where they are forced to learn Mandarin besides becoming familiar with the Communist propaganda.

There also are scores of families with at least a few of their members missing or dead. Many are detained on frivolous or no reasons at all and are kept confined in crowded cells while being subjected to both physical and mental torture.

Unsurprisingly, the Chinese Foreign Ministry have vehemently denied all of the allegations and upholded their actions claiming those have been done for the greater good of the community and society at large.

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