U.K. Prime Minister fires Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson over NSC leak on Huawei

British Prime Minister Theresa May has sacked Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson on charges of leaking sensitive info discussed during a National Security Council meet. More specifically, it is the revelation about allowing Huawei to develop UK’s 5G network that has irked the PM the most, as it has baffled many in the top echelons of power in the country.

Downing Street said they have compelling evidence to suggest Mr Williamson being the culprit in leaking the info that was supposed to be extremely sensitive. Mr Williamson, however, continues to deny the charges against him even though there also are reports of there being other issues as well that the secretary has been found to be involved in.

Mr Williamson has been the Defense Secretary since 2017 and has been replaced by Ms Penny Mordaunt, making here the first woman to assume such a role in the process. Likewise, Rory Stewart will be handling the duties of international development secretary in place of Mordaunt.

There has already been a lot of debate about whether Huawei should be allowed to develop the country’s 5G network given the sensitive nature of the task. Several of US allies have already decided against allowing Chinese firms to create 5G networks in their countries and it is quite surprising to see UK having decided to actually award Huawei the contract, even if it is on a smaller scale.

There however is no official confirmation if Huawei has indeed been chosen for the job with the government making it clear the final call on this will be taken only after spring. Huawei meanwhile has stated they don’t have any connection with the Chinese government as is being speculated and deny charges of spying for Beijing.

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