Controversy Erupts As Scouts Deliver Conservative Election Leaflets In Lincolnshire

In what could be an embarrassment to the Scout Association, a scout leader and the children in a troop were allegedly involved in distributing Conservative election leaflets. This incident happened at Lincolnshire and the Scout Association has confirmed that an official complaint has been received against the leader and volunteers of 1st Marshchapel Group.

According to reports, the Scouts were told that if they distributed these leaflets, they could rent an allotments space for a year in which they could grow vegetables for a soup kitchen. The leaflets that where promoting Conservative candidates Daniel McNally and Paul Rickett who are currently campaigning for the East Lindsey District Council Elections to be held this Thursday.

According to the rules of the Scout Association, all Scout troops have to be non-political. The Scout Association has said that it was a genuine error on behalf of the group, for which they have apologized. The scout leader and some of the volunteers have tendered their resignation while taking full responsibility of the incident.

Sukanta Jana