About 1300 Migrants Escape Detention Center, Many headed for the US

According to reports more than 1300 Migrants who were held at the Siglo XXI detention center at the US Mexico Border had escaped. Mexican authorities were able to apprehend about 700 of the migrants, but about 400 of them have allegedly boarded a train called ‘The Beast’ and are heading towards the US.

Authorities say that the detention center was nearly double its capacity and it was putting a lot of strain on the resources. The migrants seem to have escaped demanding food and the larger number of migrants were able to overpower the security personnel.

Ever since President Trump has taken a strong stand against migrants and illegal immigration, the Mexican authorities have been forced to act tough against illegal migrants. Donald Trump has been blaming Mexico for the illegal immigration problem and has put the onus on Mexico to stop the migrants.

The Democrats however, are divided on the stand taken by Donald Trump and have a called for a comprehensive immigration reform.

Sukanta Jana