Migrants broke Mexico detention center over issues like food, sleeping space

Following the largest mass escapes of detained migrants from a Mexican immigration center thongs of remaining raised fists chanting they want food and want to be out. It is also a fresh example of how the government is overloaded with immigrants from Haiti, Cuba and Central America who are waiting to seek entry to United States.

According to residents in Mexican city of Tapachula, which borders Guatemala, hundreds of migrants were seen late Thursday running through the streets and unarmed immigration agents were unable to stop them.

The migrants who were left inside said escape sprung from dispute over sleeping space and food in the Siglo XXI detention center.

Authorities say about 1,300 migrants have managed to escape and similar number have remained in the facility that is at double its capacity. However, 700 of them have been recaptured or returned by Friday midday.

Siglo XXI detention center was built to house up to 1,000 people.

Raisa Torres Espinosa said her 21-year-old daughter Cynthia Barbara was held at the Siglo XXI center with her husband. The two lately left Cuba and reached to Mexico through Panama. Both are detained

She said her daughter had said the conditions at the center were very bad and last week worsened with the arrival of 20 busloads of migrants.

Cuban Laisel Gomez Cabrera living in Texas said the authorities may have opened fire to allow migrants flee and not to be allowed thereafter to apply for seeking entry to US on humanitarian ground.

Paul Linus