Joe Biden emerges top first day grosser post announcement of his bid for US Presidential post

The race to the White House has become all the more interesting with Joe Biden emerging as the biggest grosser in the first 24-hours following his announcement of being a contender in the 2020 elections.

Elaborating further, Biden’s team revealed most of the donations, 97 percent to be precise, were under the $200 mark. It also revealed the donations were made from all 50 states and that the average amount donated was $41. Also, its 96,926 people who turned up to contribute on day one.

Biden’s lead is however too thin to let him bask in its glory for too long. Literally sniffing on his neck is Beto O’Rourke of Texas who bagged $6.1 million on the first day. Not too far off either is Sen. Bernie Sanders who managed to rake in $5.9 million on his first day.

Sanders though garnered the support of a larger user base, with 223,047 making the contributions, with the average donation made is about $27 per person. Worth mentioning, Sen. Kamala Harris from California had managed to haul more than $1.5 million during her first outing as presidential hopeful in January.

That said, if the amount of money a candidate is able to raise can be considered to be a sign of things to come, Biden does have a lead. In fact, that is how thing stand as the more funds a candidate manages to raise or the more is the number of people making the contributions, more is the chances of the candidate of landing up the hot job.

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