Despite being powerful, wealthy Americans rank 4th among stressful countries

A new poll by Gallup reveals Americans are more stressed than Venezuelans despite being most powerful and most wealthy in the world.

The Gallup’s 2019 Global Emotions Report lists United States in the fourth place along with Iran, Sri Lanka and Albania in terms of most-stressed populations. The first in the list is Greece with 59 percent surveyed people experiencing stress. Philippines and Tanzania are the secondly and thirdly ranked with 58 percent and 57 percent respectively.

Venezuela is ranked 12th with 52 percent of the population revealing of stressful lives. The percentage for US is 55.

Venezuela is currently undergoing hyperinflation and political crisis phase. Rioting on the streets has become usual and millions of people have fled to other countries. Shortage of food, medicine and other necessary items is leading the country towards civil war.

The most stressed Americans are those who are poor and who are in the age group of 15 to 49.

The report reads, “The disconnect between a strong economy and Americans’ increasing negative emotions illustrates how GDP and other hard economic data tell only part of the story.”

However, on the positive side of the report it is found 82 percent of the surveyed population said they are experiencing enjoyment and 80 percent said they feel respected in the country.

US has a population of 43.8 million and National Alliance on Mental Illness data reveals 25 percent of Americans experience mental illness in any given year.

The organization further adds that 20 percent of the adults experience serious life-limiting mental illness every year.

Paul Linus