Sri Lanka reduces death toll of Easter Sunday attacks to 253

Death toll in Sri Lanka Easter Sunday multiple explosions has been reduced following a revised report by the Health Ministry. The new figure is 253, which is less by more than 100 from the previous toll of 359.

The ministry released a statement Thursday stating total death toll was 290 and not 359 as being reported by the media.

The figure of 359 in the media originated from Tuesday’s statement by a Colombo police spokesman.

The ministry added, “Some of the bodies get severely damaged in these kinds of explosions and it’s possible for some bodies to get completely destroyed or break into parts, making the identification of full bodies difficult… Hence, counting an exact death toll is challenging.”

The coordinated suicide bombings in churches and hotels in Sri Lanka killed scores of people and injured hundreds of others on Sunday by a little-known terror group.

Meanwhile, investigation is under process including teams from foreign police agencies like Scotland Yard and FBI.

Sources having knowledge to investigation earlier said two suicide bombers are identified as sons of a prominent family in Colombo.

Paul Linus