Sri Lanka Easter attack: Nine suicide bombers identified

At least nine suicide bombers including a woman have been identified to be the perpetrators of the Easter bombings, Sri Lankan authorities said as investigations into the deadly terrorist attack in Colombo picks up pace. The State Defense Minister Ruwan Wijewardene also said the bombers were well off financially in their personal lives, with at least one of them having studied overseas as well.

Further, the lone woman bomber is also believed to be the wife of one of the attackers. The police also said about 60 persons have been arrested so far in connection with the blast, with all of them being of Sri Lankan nationality. The cops also said ISIS’s claim of having perpetrated the attack is yet to be proved.

Sri Lankan sources have also confirmed they received quite specific intelligence from India warning of such an attack. Indian authorities said they got the tip-off from another ISIS operative arrested in India. The person also claimed to have trained a man in Sri Lanka for carrying out such attacks.

In another development and which can directly be linked to the blast, the Government in the island nation has proposed a country wide ban on burqua, or for that matter, any clothing that covers the face. Ashu Marasinghe, a member of the Sri Lankan parliament has also called for a debate on the issue while adding this is being done in the larger interest of national security and not to target any religion.

Several hotels too have said they won’t be allowing entry to anyone who has his or her face covered. That includes helmets, balaclava, eye mask as well as the burqa worn by Muslim women.

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