Chief Justice of India, Mr. Ranjan Gogoi accused of sexually harassing colleague

A former employee of the Supreme Court in India has accused India’s Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi of sexually harassing her on at least two occasions last year. The 35-year old woman claimed in her affidavit that Mr Gogoi misbehaved with her on October 10 and 11 at the latter’s office situated in his home.

The woman whose identity is being kept under wraps owing to privacy issues also said she has since been victimized for refusing his advances. She said she not only lost her job at the Supreme Court last December; both her husband and brother too were fired subsequently.

Mr Gogoi, 64, has however dismissed all the allegations of sexual misconduct against him, terming those as utterly baseless and false. He also clarified the woman was dismissed from service in full compliance with the stated procedures and was done owing to inappropriate conduct on part of the lady.

Mr Gogoi also said the charges leveled against him are likely to be part of a greater ploy to keep him away from several important political cases that he was dealing with. Interestingly, the woman too was earlier accused by a man of having accepted bribes on the pretext of getting him a job. Not surprisingly, the woman has termed the allegations as false.

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