Ban on Kratom could restrict research and Derail medical benefits

Are we facing a ban on Kratom in the USA?

People across America have been choosing Kratom against prescription drugs to get pain and anxiety relief, but lately health organizations warn it can be addictive and sometimes deadly too. A ban on Kratom or a restriction is imminent.

Pro-Kratom lobbyist group American Kratom Association (AKA) reveals about 5 million Americans use the plant-based drug regularly and now the federal government regulators are eyeing on it seriously despite couple of unsuccessful attempts to ban it.

Since 2015 imports of the herb have been blocked and in 2016 the Drug Enforcement Administration tried scheduling it. Backlash from congress and public saved it from criminalizing it as heroin or marijuana.

However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lately linked the drug from Southeast Asia to 47 deaths and suggested it has high potential for abuse, but National Institute on Drug Abuse said the deaths were due to adulterated products or Kratom was combined with other drugs.

Last month the Department of Health and Human Services recommended ban on Kratom.

FDA lately said the herbal drug has no demonstrated medical benefit and does not reflect science.

Groups who are criticizing interpretation done by the FDA, said the ban would make it harder for researchers to have supplies, plus there should be consideration for the population who currently use Kratom for their own reasons. – we don’t want another rise in heroin like what happened when all the drug pushing pharma  cut off the opiate supply cold turkey a few years back. Remember that? Remember what the folks turned to when the doctors cut them off?

Paul Linus

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    Great info on what is currently going on with Kratom and the US government. Thank you for the article! :) I Have family members who use this stuff and it helped them get off of illegal substance. Yes, It needs to be used correctly, but the government hardly ever gets this kind of thing rigbht. Now that anti-pot Jeff Sessions is gone, maybe we can do something about so called “pot crimes”. The DEA needs to back OFF!

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