Indonesian president claims have secured second term

Indonesian president Joko Widodo announced to have won the elections with 54 percent vote and he has been congratulated by leaders of Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries for securing second term.

The win is just a estimation now and is based on quick counts of a sample of polling stations by various survey organizations. He justified his win by saying QC was accurate in previous elections.

The president added, “We all know that the QC calculation is a scientific calculation method. From the country’s experiences of past elections the accuracy is 99.9%, almost the same as real count results”

Former general, Widodo’s rival, Prabowo Subianto claimed a day before to have won the vote by 62 percent and it is based on his campaign’s own counts.

The official results are yet to be announced in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country and Election Commission is suppose to make it by May 22.

Indonesia is an outpost of democracy among South-East Asian countries and it is being said to become world’s biggest economics by 2030.

Meanwhile, security minister, the military as well as police chiefs said earlier today would crack down on those people who attempts disrupting of public order during the tabulation of results.

Security minister Wiranto said voter turnout was 80.5 percent.

Paul Linus