Venezuelan spy chief Hugo Carvajal arrested in Madrid

Spanish police detained Venezuelan spy chief Hugo Carvajal, most influential military figure in recent months, on Friday in Madrid acting on a United States warrant for allegedly trafficking tonnes of cocaine.

Carvajal was adviser of late leader Hugo Chavez and he headed security apparatus of Venezuela. He rose to fame lately for declaring loyalty to opposition leader Juan Guaido, who saw him as a possible stimulus to prod other military figures.

He is alleged to have transported about 5,600 kilograms of cocaine to Mexico in 2006.

According to Spain’s National Court spokeswoman Carvajal need to testify before Judge Alejandro Abascal in Madrid and his fate will be decided then whether to be extradited to the US.

Carvajal on his part claimed his befriending with Chaez is no stranger to US law enforcement agencies.

In earlier indictments he was named being part of several law enforcement officials and provided safe haven to major drug traffickers.

Carvajal is also addressed as El Pollo in Venezuela and President Nicolas Maduro but he later switched to a low-key presence.

Earlier this year he announced backing for Juan Guaido through a video shared over social media.

One of his recent tweets read, “Maduro will leave by a decision of the Armed National Force.”

Paul Linus