Yemen Devastated By Wars Within Wars And Dysfunctional Government

Yemen Devastated

In 2015, a number of African and Middle Eastern countries, led by Saudi Arabia, lent military support to the floundering government which was struggling to survive in the wake of a Houthi takeover backed by Iran. Today, the Houthis control most of Yemen, with the former government exiled to an area in southern Yemen. While not directly involved in the attack, the US did provide tactical and logistical support to the intervening force up until last year.

Today, Yemen is suffering greatly from the consequences of this intervention. Over six thousand children have perished during the struggle, and disease and hunger are now rampant among the Yemeni people. U.N estimates have 400,000 children starving and another 1.5 million malnourished. The Yemeni economy has practically collapsed, with rampant inflation unchecked and public sector payrolls not being met.

The situation in Yemen is a harsh reminder of the terrible human toll that comes with military intervention in a foreign nation.