Clashes break out in Greece with migrants demanding open border over fake news

Hundreds of migrants clashed with the Greek police near Thessaloniki in the north over demands for the right to cross over to North Macedonia. Authorities say the trouble has its origin in a news post later classified as fake that began circulating over social circles claiming the border crossing would soon be opened for the migrants to travel to Macedonia.

Scuffle broke out in many places with the situation believed to be particularly tense at the Diavata camp where the police resorted to the use of tear gas shells to quell mobs who hurled stones and sticks at the cops. Dozens of migrants many of whom hail from war torn Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan also began protesting at the Larissa station in Athens, prompting officials to stop rail services in the region.

The migrants said they are eager to move to other parts of Europe hoping for a better life. They said they have been stagnating in Greece and are expecting something better elsewhere in Europe. Many also said their request for asylum in the country are yet to be processed, leaving things in a jeopardy.

The migrants who number tens of thousands have begun arriving in Greece since 2015-16 and have since been a huge inconvenience for the country that has already been reeling under extreme economic recession.

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