North Korea test-launches new tactical weapon. South feeling threat

North Korean official news media claim the country has tested a new tactical weapon in the presence of Kim Jong-un, whose visit to the test site was publicized for the first time since last November when an intercontinental ballistic missile, Hwasong-15 ICBM, was test-launched and was widely considered powerful to reach continental United States.

Even though the undisclosed weapon did not seems to have violated the voluntary moratorium of the country imposed on nuclear as well as long-range ballistic missile tests, but this could lead to complication the stalled talks with United States over how to denuclearize North Korea.

Very lately the North has issued threats to resume testing nuclear weapons and other objectionable missiles if United States does not make concessions like easing of sanctions against the country.

Meanwhile, a South Korean newspaper cited anonymous government sources to reveal that North Korea had tested earlier this month some multiple-rocket launchers which are of great military threats to them as those are deployed near the inter-Korean border targeting capital city Seoul.

The same has been confirmed by recent satellite images too.

This is a fresh reminder that missile threat of North Korea remained intact even after Trump’s claims that denuclearization is in progress.

Paul Linus