India’s Election Commission probing UP CM’s ‘Narendra Modi’s Army’ comment

The Election Commission in India has said it is probing a recent remark made by the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath wherein he mentioned the Indian Army being Narendra Modi’s army. The opposition is already up in arms against the comment, claiming it to be a gross violation of not only the election code of conduct but is a brazen attempt to politicise the armed forces.

Interestingly, Yogi Adityanath made the comment when campaigning for someone who has been the chief of the Indian Army – General VK Singh. Not surprisingly, the ex-general and a minister in PM Modi’s cabinet not only disapproved of it but also said any person making such comments are in fact traitors. Gen. VK Singh however also said this most likely could have been a slip of tongue with the CM not even being aware of what he eventually uttered.

The EC meanwhile clarified it’s a show cause notice that has been served to Mr. Adityanath. It is not clear at the moment how Mr. Adityanath is going to respond to the development though many have been clamoring for his unconditional apology.

Earlier, the EC had said all political parties should exercise great caution when referring to the armed forces during their campaigns. It said the Indian armed forces are known for their apolitical nature, and it is advisable that all politicians should uphold the same with utmost respect.

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