Facebook removes paged linked to Congress to stem spread of fake news during election time in India

Facebook has announced it has removed more than 600 pages affiliated to the Indian National Congress. This can be seen as a considerable development on account of the impending Lok Sabha elections in India, a time when political parties resort to all sorts of tactics to win votes, including spreading fake news.

The Congress happens to be the main opposition party and the pages have been found to be linked to the party’s IT cell, Facebook revealed. The ruling BJP is seeing advantage in this as the party often accuses the Congress of indulging in a smear campaign against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which the party claims is based on falsity and half-truth, if at all.

The first phase of polls begins on April 11. That also means Facebook should be having sleepless nights to ensure the company does not get dragged into another controversy of letting its platform to spread fake news to sway people’s opinions. CEO Zuckerberg too has appealed to governments to be more proactive in dealing with fake news.

In fact, its subsidiary WhatsApp too has said they are also doing their bit to stem the flow of fake news, which includes letting the sender know how many times a particular message has been shared online. All of this does show Facebook’s keenness to fight fake news though it remains to be seen if such efforts prove to be enough.

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